Life At The Moment

I have been residing in downtown SW Portland, Oregon for the past year. It has been the best area to explore; first with my husband as we traded travel tales until the buses stopped running, often forcing us to walk home in NE at the time. Such great memories we have of areas now explored with our 2 year old daughter who also loves to walk everywhere! She prefers to use the stroller for her “big bear” and insists on her own seat when riding the streetcar, MAX, or bus.

My husband and I first bonded over our travels to Europe, South America, mine to SE Asia, and his to Africa for social aid work with indigenous people groups. We have since explored more of Canada, the mainland 48 states, and Caribbean Islands together. When our daughter is older we hope to return to International social aid, but we are also very passionate about providing assistance to displaced people in our local area.

Although, my life has been flipped numerous times in the past few years and left remarkable impressions I am finally stabilizing. We have moved four times since our daughter was born and plan to remain in one spot for the next few years. There are other more major events that occurred as well, yet they may take some more explaining. The previous blog will still explore these past events while this will raise questions about from this point forward, which is always seen as “perhaps,”…And the only important thing is not to allow that to scare you.”-Tennessee Williams



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