10 March 2013

It Takes A Sailor's Faith

The Bible is full of miraculous events that take faith to understand them as truth. Although many stories included in the New Testament are Parables told by Jesus, the Old Testament is considered not to hold these stories. The controversial events in the Old Testament are believed truth of the ancient separation from God and justice as system of “an eye for an eye”. However, the story of Jonah has been contested as anything but factual history. It would seem the other atrocious acts of murder and sex are more believable than remaining in the belly of a whale for three days. The story of Jonah could be a historical allegory including factual events in a narration while using descriptive words that relate to other events as well.

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07 March 2013

We Are All Knit Together

Walking home from work is usually a peaceful time for my body to prepare for an early morning nap. The streets are still and empty, except for some runners feet tapping the pavement or birds chirping on evergreen branches. The sunrise lifts my drowsy spirit for a more brisk walk in the cold, crisp air. However, this morning shocked me with numerous jolts of awareness.

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05 March 2013

Drag out the Night

neon glow settles
           upon stagnant bodies in motion

glazed eyes attempt to connect
         with possible fantasies
              that could be lived out
                   one night in paradise

15 minutes in the Absolut spotligh
        with a less potent outcome

Regrets may ring true
       yet for a moment
           the bass fills your soul
               the gin fuels your blood

lights sparkle to another tune
      while all the queens fulfill their roles