20 July 2013

Running Through A Moment

I’m whizzing past the lush sugar maples in a crowd of competitive runners. New Hampshire roads twist down from the White Mountains as my feet pound the pavement. They are beating out the rhythm of my heartChanging the pace of my life for a New York minute.

I’m able to simply breathe fresh New England air. My cigarettes were left stashed in the dashboard of his car. I’ll be fine without a deep drag of the current favorites, Turkish Royals, during this intense relay down the state.

Not sure if running brought me into a state of delirium or simply blurred the current reality as every step became habit. I moved unconsciously behind my competitors in hopes of quickly reaching the next runner awaiting our baton. My thoughts began to travel backwards as they often do when completely left in silence.

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05 May 2013

Inspiring Winds of Change

Gusts, Gales, Breezes, Santa Ana, Nor’eastern…Endless titles given to all the various Zephyrs that have whipped around my life. The multidimensional tunes carried on the wind can partially explain why so many titles exists for this one part of nature.As I walk along the riverside, my hair swirls in the gusts and my eyes close to fully soak in memories of past breezes. The winds which seem to arrive with grand change in my own life just as they usher in transitions of the natural seasons.The winds of change have begun sweeping through the city adding strength to my traveling spirit.

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