24 August 2011

20 August 2011

Inspired by young girls aided by Door to Grace

Am I beautiful?
What is beauty?

The makeup I pile on brings a mask to hide the truth, then I can fit the image desired.
dresses covered in frills and lace disguise any tarnished image.

Is this all necessary to see beauty?

Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but they never explain who the beholder is...
...what it is?

Do I decide my own beauty?

Vogue portrays glitz and glam beyond my means.
Cover Girl digitally enhances models to push higher expectations on beauty...on me.

How can I fulfill the headlines claim of catching Mr. Right without the looks?

Forever21 is a superficial dream my midlife crisis will shatter.
Following the American Eagle may trap my beauty in an over-consumptive maze.

So please answer me without any coverup!

What is beauty?
Am I beautiful?


You are beautiful!

Beauty is not found in labels or ruffles or glitter.
Blush cannot hide ones heart.
The true beauty shines past all the costumes.
Your soul reveals what matters.
Your actions declare a gorgeous art.
Even the simplest clothes can overshadow a models selfish interior.

Beauty is what God gifted all women.
It is the way you smile at secrets.
It is the laughter bubbling over family meals.
It is the sparkle in your babies gaze.
It is a gentle hug of support from friends.

Beauty is found in rough hands from years of caring for others.
In wrinkles formed on many sunny day squints.
In layers of skin flexible enough to carry another body and shrink back.

Beauty is every women's tie to another.
For we all love after pain...live after loss...gain more strength after struggles.

You are beauty!
Embrace the beautiful!

11 August 2011

Cracked Moonlight

Moonlight glows around the dry cracked ground

Gazing through every gap and crevice available

Searching for any hidden secret that was thrown aside