23 February 2011

Foggy Fantasies

The more time I spend on the west coast, the more my heart desires the east coast…Not simply in this “want what I don’t have” way which was the case when I was on the east coast and followed my cravings back to the west side. No, this is something stronger. There is a different pace to life on the other side of this vast nation that appeals to my soul. I cannot keep up with the trends, parties, cities so popular to the west anymore. I would much prefer the casual action that seems to remain so artistically persistent throughout the not-so-mundane daily tasks. There is a closer sense of unity, or at least interest in others, in which people seem satisfied with their weekend plans, not this heightened sense of trying to fill every day with a new excitement and meet new people. This trend of non-stop new friends is superficial and does not bring the ever-lasting comfort that a small close group of support can.

This picture pulls at my desires for apple orchards and lazy afternoons waltzing around them. I hope my cravings are not simply for somewhere else that seems fabulous because I am bored with this current place…that is a vicious cycle that can become numbing. Hopefully, the apple orchards are still as whimsical as I recall not barren and foggy after so many years.

14 February 2011

weekend in Gleneden Beach, OR

My body sat limp as the water surrounded every crevice
the foam tickled my fingertips as the rain splattered across every exposed surface
drops jumping in unison as if choreographed to to a violent ballad
waves pressed hard against my core
drowning out the soft flicks of raindrops
As the storm raged on my body sunk deeper
each breath further relaxed my tired limbs
finally escaping urban tensions had brought peace
my passion was renewed by this frantic weather

10 February 2011

Refocusing amidst transitions

one must begin to ponder present actions
stop living by the wind
seeming to plan for tomorrow yet when it comes
why halt without a breath
is it the shock of accomplishment
need for a next move
life isn’t a strategic battle
stop setting traps
while dodging possible blessings