08 September 2011

Wind rushing through my hair
inspires dreams of exploration
squinting into future travels
with difficulty in current storms

my soul as parched as the sand
surrounding these sapphire seas
inner turmoil continues this drought

my past haunts even as I am
propelled into new forms of paradise
the sail of youth flies high
as inevitable age reveals experience
beyond years known to most

my eyes are tired
as strained as my weathered skin
ready to wrinkle
with sorrow -- yet
craving laugh lines
glimpses into parallel paths

crumbling sand carries my feet
beyond the coast line
wobbling bottles reminisce
surreal dreams

dances under the moon as tide
rose among shells and toes
marathons under evergreens
traipsing into late night outhouses
salmon berry fuzz
wiping away regrets under Orion's belt

distracted by french chatter
washed off in salty waters
my soul is flipping over white caps
tossing around kelp forests
catching the edge of rusted Titanics

time has followed orient spices
past the gaze of mother's love
below the reach of blue fish fins
flown to white sand comfort
turquoise fresco's of childhood
shattered by futuristic palms